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 Chicken Quenelles Recipe

poultry recipes

This recipe is usually made from chicken left over from a previous dish so the dish is made up from a ratio of 1/2 minced cooked chicken meat to 1/4 of panade 1/8 butter and 1/8 double cream.



Ingredients: for example 



1lb cooked , white pieces of chicken, minced 

1/2 lb of panade (bread crumb in milk) 

1/8 lb of butter 

1/8 lb fresh double cream 

4 whole eggs for 1 kg of quenelles 

salt and pepper to taste 

1 tsp ground nutmeg 






To make the panade, mix white breadcrums with milk and drain the milk to make a thick paste 



1) mix the panade with the chicken mince, incorporate the eggs, stir in the butter and cream, season to taste and add the nutmeg, mix thoroughly , the mixture as to be thick, so if it is not thick enough add more bread crumbs and egg yolks 



2) roll the mixture into a sausage shape to form the quenelle, and roll the quenelles in flour, 



3) simmer gently in water or chicken stock for 15 minutes 


Serve hot, covered with hot bechamel sauce. Bechamel Sauce.



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